Public distribution system, See your village list APL, BPL, AAY, NFSA

Public distribution system, See your village list APL, BPL, AAY, NFSA

Gujarat NFSA,BPL, APL List 2024

The public distribution system has been implemented in the state for the food security of the poor The Director, of the Food and Civil Supplies Office under the State of Gujarat, Department of Food and Civil Supplies plays a vital role in making it functional. 

Monitoring and supervision of the regular supply of foodgrains and other commodities on a monthly basis through fair price shops is carried out in coordination with various agencies for the management of the public distribution system.

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 In addition, the demand and supply of goods are also controlled and monitored as per the Essential Commodities Act as well as the control orders under it.

Management system

The state-level office of the Director, of Food and Civil Supplies, is located at Gandhinagar to carry out the above functions. While for the operation of this office, the District Supply Officer at the district level and the Taluka Mamlatdar at the taluka level perform their duties in their respective fields.

Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)

The distribution system of essential items

Ration card

Transparency and grievance redressal system

Vigilance system

Rural and urban vigilance committees

Organization of the Office of the Director

Awareness campaign

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Monitoring of essential commodity prices

Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)  Essential Items The work of issuing licenses under the orders issued under the Commodities Act 13 is done by the Collector Shri District Supply Officer / Mamlatdar Shri at the district level. For proper management of the public distribution system, specific areas are fixed for fair-price shops in each taluka and urban area (zone) on the basis of the population determined by the State   Government for rural and urban areas and fair price shop management advice for each fair price shop extension. After getting the recommendation of the committee, the District Collector Shri As per the decision of the District Advisory Committee, the District Supply Officer has to do it. In addition, licensed under the Public Distribution System Control Order is also done at the district level.


The distribution system of essential items

The Ministry of Food and Public Distribution Management of the Government of India allocates food grains and sugar on an annual/quarterly/monthly basis for public distribution. While the Ministry of Petroleum allocates kerosene on an annual/quarterly basis. 
At the beginning of the month, the quantity of essential items available at the state level is distributed in a district-wise manner keeping in view the type of ration card holders, population as well as the standards of essential items available per card in the state. 

ટ્રાય કરી જુઓ,મજા આવશે On the basis of which the district supply officers allocate for taluka (village) and urban taluka (zone). While Taluka Mamlatdars / Zonal Officers issue permits to fair price shops, kerosene retailers/hawkers on a monthly basis for distribution of essential items for distribution to cardholders.   relevant fair price shopkeepers have to get the quantity mentioned in this permit from the godowns under Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation. While the Government of India’s Oil Co. The quantity of kerosene permitted by the kerosene agents at Nimel and the district has to be arranged by the doorstep delivery at the fair price shop/kerosene retailer or hawker’s place.

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Ration card

 Generally, every family residing within the state has the right to get a ration card. For this, the head of the family has to give full details in the prescribed form prescribed by the state government and apply to the office of the Taluka Mamlatdar / Zonal Officer of his area with supporting evidence. 

 As per the provisions of the Citizen’s Charter, the Taluka Mamlatdar Shri / Zonal Officer has to check the application of the applicant and as per the requirement, determine the category of the card, obtain the photos and biometric details of the head of the family/members, issue a barcoded ration card.   Under the Barcoded Ration Card Scheme, the cardholder has to visit the e-gram / cybercafe on the basis of their biometric details and get the barcoded coupons of the number of essential items to be found according to the category of their card. Personal coupons are printed out on all items available to cardholders on A-3 size barcoded coupon sheets.

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At the same time, the number of essential items received during the month of that year should also be recorded in the baroque ration card. Arrangements are also being made in the coming days to make arrangements so that the barcoded ration cardholder can get the number of essential items from any reasonable price shop.

અગત્યની લિંક

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ગુજરાત રાશનકાર્ડ ની યાદી લિંક 2

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New BPL List Gujarat 2024

BPL stands for below poverty line. It is an economic benchmark set by the government of India to identify the economically weaker people and households in urgent need of basic needs which can be provided by the government. New BPL List Gujarat can be downloaded from Commissionerate of Rural Development Govt. of Gujarat.

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