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Anubandham : | Registration | Login : A New Umbrella for Bridging Aspirant’s Needs through Direct Hiring between job Applicants & eMployers. “Anubandham” is an initiative from the Directorate of Employment & Training (DET), Government of Gujarat. The App is primarily focused to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of the youth of the State.

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Are you looking for a job? 

From standard 4 pass, 5 pass, 7 pass, 8 pass, 9 pass, 10 pass, 12 pass to graduate, everyone will get a job by doing this enrollment. 

To register for free on Gujarat Government’s online portal Anubandham Portal. 

Salary- Salary from 15,500 to, 35,000 (depending on your qualifications) 

Chancing work has incontrovertibly been a source of concern among our country’s citizens in recent times. thus, the Gujarat government has created a fantastic platform called Anubandham Rojgar Portal for the youth and working-class people. 

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This point has been created specifically for job quests by the Gujarat government’s labor and employment department. After registering themselves, this gate permits job campaigners to search for jobs. Moving on, we’ve mentioned all the necessary information you’ll bear for getting yourself registered and serving from this website 

What is Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

Anubandham Rojgar Portal is an action procured by the government of Gujarat for Jobseekers. It works like a ground and connects Job prospects and Job Providers in one position. This gate provides jobs grounded on the aspirant’s chops and tendencies. Also, it performs an automatic and professed grounded matching, along with schedule operation and fast enrollment. 


Important Component and Steps of Way in Anubandham Rojgar 

Now that you know what Anubandham Rojgar Portal is, let’s take a look at all of the gate’s essential information and processes. 

 Before you begin, review the following way to have a better knowledge of the Anubandham website. 

1. Navigate to the gate. 

 2. subscribe up/ enrollment 

 3. To get access to the point, enter your username and word. 

 4. Set/ edit the job candidate’s profile. 

 5. Look for work. 

 6. Apply for work 

 7. Give an Interview 

 8. Preference for the position. 

 9. Take part in the employment show. 

 10. Change the word if necessary. 

How to Register for the Anubandham portal?

In this section, we will go over the Anubandham Portal enrollment process. Follow these procedures to register for this job- hunt gate. 

 1. Visit the approved website of Anubandham Way at There will be a “ Registration” option at the top. 

 2. You’ll find the “ Job candidate ” option by opting for the “ Registration ” tab. 

 3. Enter your mobile number and dispatch address to pierce the “ job candidate ”. 

 4. To admit the critical announcement, you’ll need a dispatch address. 

 5. also a form will appear for inputting the mobile number. 

 6. Press the ‘ coming ’ button. latterly, You’ll admit an OTP on the specified cell phone number. 

 7. Enter the OTP into the portal to admit the Common operation form. 

8. To move forward with the operation, you’ll need to fill in the following information First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, City, Pincode, State, and District. 

 9. After you’ve completed all of this way, elect the “ Next ” option. 

 10. The operation named ‘ Registration ’ will now display. Then you must give a Unique ID Type, a Unique ID Number, Details for login, and a Phone number. 

11. You can do the enrollment via a phone number or indeed with a dispatch address also. 

 12. After that, establish a strong word and double-check it. 

13. also press the ‘ Submit ’ button. Your enrollment will end successfully after that 

How to Edit Candidate Profile on

Follow the particular steps to edit your profile on

 1. When you’re making ready to make the commute to your profile, select the option “ edit. ” The profile will open up right before you. 

 2. Now, you’ll need to fill in some information out of which will be bus- filled including, your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, dispatch address, Unique ID type, and Unique ID number. You’ll need to add the following places manually your snap, gender, date of birth, cast, employment status, and language chops. 

 3. The address is formerly present in the address bar of the operation form; you’ll have to fill in the megacity, leg law, city/ vill, state and quarter. 

4. The specifics of your educational qualifications are the coming pivotal stage. All educational data, including training or any warrants, must be included in this form. The most recent academic achievement, Subject- matter moxie, parchment or other credentials, board/ university, grade/ marks, Passing time, the title of the course and name of the achievement.

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5. Select the “ Next ” option. It’s now your time to complete the aspirant’s employment status. However, it should also be noted then, along with specifics, If they’re presently employed. 

6. On this runner, you must describe your current job, the assiduity in which you work, the operation area, the employer’s name, the job bracket, and the company or association’s name. You also need to include the date of registration, your current job part and plant position, your current payment, and your provocation for quitting your job. 

7. The coming step will be measuring the physical aspects of the seeker, including their height, weight, and disability, if yes, also give an instrument, the volume of the instrument, and the authority by which they got approved. 

8. You’ve reached the last phase of the enrollment process, which covers your favored work position, job kind, and projected pay. 

Procedure for Logging Into Anubandham Portal

Let’s now check how to log into the Gujarat Anubandham Job Applicant Portal through the internet, as seen under.

1. Visit the Anubandham Portal’s 

2. On the home runner, you’ll see the login option in the top right corner. 

3. Now, fill in the dispatch address or phone number and word on the home runner. 

4. Input the Captcha Code and press the subscribe In button. 

FAQs About Anubandham Rojgar Portal

Is it attainable for the job applicant to modify their profiles on the Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

 Yes, an online candidate can make changes in their profile through the Anubandham Rojgar Yojna. 

Is the Anubandham site attainable through the Google search engine?

Yes, you can open and apply identity on the Anubandham gate on google. 

Is the Anubandham site truly advantageous to Gujarat job applicants?

Anubandham Portal has proven salutary to Gujarati job applicants. You can attain a job using this point if you look for a worthy position and perform well in interviews. Actually, Anubandham has employed about 33,445 people so far. 


The Gujarat government has taken this fantastic trouble to boost employment across the state. It’s judicious for all job campaigners to go and register themselves on Anubandham Rojgar Portal. 

Anubandham App

Anubandham (GOG) for Android is a user app specially designed to be fully-featured schedule app.

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