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Caller Name Announcer

“Caller Name Announcer” is a smartphone application that announces the name of incoming callers out loud, allowing users to know who is calling without having to look at their phone. This feature can be particularly useful for individuals who are driving or are otherwise unable to check their phone. The app typically uses text-to-speech technology to announce the caller’s name based on the contact list stored on the device. Users can often customize settings such as the volume and frequency of announcements according to their preferences.

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  • હવે તેમાં માય સ્ટેટમેન્ટ પર ટેપ કરો
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Is caller name announcer free?

Caller Name

Caller Name Announcer is a free Android app developed by DeveloperSol and categorized as a Utilities & Tools application. The app comes with a unique feature of announcing the caller name, SMS content, and notifications

Caller Name Announcer Speaks out the caller name clearly in between the ringtone reducing its volume.Caller Name Announcer. Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in a situation like if you are driving and the phone is in your pocket or some one sends you an SMS while your smart phone is in other room.

Who controls name on Caller ID?

How Is the Caller Name Determined? The Caller ID name is retrieved by the receiving carrier. The receiving carrier queries a CNAM database to determine the name registered to the provided phone number.

Caller Name Announcer Best Features

  • Caller Name if exist in contacts
  • If does not exist in contacts, call that unknown
  • Speaks incoming SMS contents and sender name

Features For Caller Name Announcer

Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer.

  • Enable/disable speaking caller name.
  • Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.
  • Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.
  • Change repeat mode announcements.
  • Choosing delay time between announcements.
  • Custom Ringtones settings.
  • Custom Volume Settings.
  • Caller Name Announcer is completely “FREE DOWNLOAD”.

Download Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer helps users stay informed about incoming calls without needing to physically interact with their phone, enhancing convenience and accessibility. By announcing the caller’s name aloud, users can quickly determine whether they want to answer the call or let it go to voicemail.

In addition to announcing caller names, some versions of the app may offer additional features such as announcing text messages, reading out sender names, or even providing caller location information. These extra functionalities can further enhance the user experience and provide valuable assistance in managing incoming communications effectively.

Overall, Caller Name Announcer serves as a handy tool for those seeking a hands-free solution to stay connected while on the go, helping them stay informed and responsive to incoming calls without needing to divert their attention from other tasks or activities.


  1. What is Caller Name Announcer? Caller Name Announcer is a smartphone application that audibly announces the names of incoming callers, allowing users to know who is calling without having to look at their phone.
  2. How does Caller Name Announcer work? Caller Name Announcer works by using text-to-speech technology to read aloud the names of callers based on the contact list stored on the user’s device. When a call comes in, the app identifies the caller’s name and announces it out loud.
  3. Why should I use Caller Name Announcer? Caller Name Announcer offers convenience and accessibility by providing hands-free notification of incoming calls. It is particularly useful for individuals with visual impairments, those who are driving, or anyone who prefers to know who is calling without having to check their phone.
  4. Is Caller Name Announcer available for all smartphones? Caller Name Announcer is typically available for smartphones running on Android or iOS operating systems. Users can download the app from the respective app stores, such as Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
  5. Can Caller Name Announcer announce text messages or other notifications? Some versions of Caller Name Announcer may offer additional features beyond announcing incoming calls, such as reading out text messages or announcing sender names. Users can explore the app’s settings to customize the announcement preferences according to their needs.
  6. Is Caller Name Announcer customizable? Yes, Caller Name Announcer often provides customization options, allowing users to adjust settings such as the volume, pitch, and frequency of announcements. Users can tailor these settings to their preferences for a personalized experience.
  7. Is Caller Name Announcer free to use? Caller Name Announcer may offer both free and premium versions, with the premium version often providing additional features and customization options. Users can check the app’s details on the app store for information on pricing and features.
  8. Is Caller Name Announcer safe to use while driving? Caller Name Announcer can enhance safety while driving by reducing the need to look at the phone’s screen to identify incoming calls. However, users should still prioritize safe driving practices and minimize distractions while using any smartphone app behind the wheel.

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