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India’s Top 10 Antivirus Apps, Free to Download for Android, 2022:It’s difficult to picture life in the present day without cellphones. We have a serious phone addiction. Android phones are used by about 80% of people.

Thus, you need an antivirus program to protect your phone from viruses. Numerous antivirus applications are available to help us remove any viruses from our phones. We utilize several Android apps to make our lives easier, such as those for socializing, banking, and email.

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However, it made it simpler for hackers to pilfer our most private information. Sincere gratitude is extended to the businesses whose decades-long experience safeguarding PCs have contributed their knowledge to the protection of Android users. Thus, keeping your Android phones virus-free is essential.

Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android

Do Android devices require antivirus software?Of course, much like PCs, Android was also susceptible to viruses and occasionally stopped working. Thus, you must download an antivirus app in this situation. Selecting a reliable antivirus software might be difficult at times.

We’ve recommended a few antivirus programs for your Android phones in this article. Let’s examine a few different Android antivirus programs. Nevertheless, basic security and anti-theft features are already included in the more recent iterations of Android.

Sophos Intercept X 

For Android, Sophos Intercept X is a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD). This app aids with user protection. Additionally, these gadgets aid in defending company data from both known and unknown mobile threats.

It keeps an eye on the device’s health and alerts you to any virus infections.

Thus, you have the option to automatically cancel access to company resources or to take corrective action.

It guards against dangerous viruses on your mobile device. The network connections are inspected in real-time for any unusual features that might point to an assault. “Download the Top 10 Antivirus Apps for Android for Free in India 2022”

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It instantly identifies possibly undesirable and harmful apps that could damage your smartphone. The primary benefit of Sophos Intercept X is that it alerts the administrator and user when the device’s threat status changes.

Access to programs that identify risks and damage is restricted. To make sure that all risks on devices are completely mitigated before access to a critical network is granted, the Sophos Wireless access points provide all threat status information.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile - Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022

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Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is a security application that helps to create a safer world.

This program is developed for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. It offers a range of services, including firewalls, antivirus programs, computer security, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, and anti-spam, in both free and commercial versions.

There are 45 languages available for this application. Avast released a freeware business product in February 2015. It offers solutions including web threat detection, browser protection, antivirus protection, and a cloud management interface in addition to helping you recover your device from malware.

Avast was the most well-known and superior antivirus provider available in 2017. Known for its ability to identify 100% of malware and viruses, Avast received six out of six points for “Protection” in an AV-TEST.

Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner - Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022

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AVG Antivirus Free

Antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies is called AVG. In addition, Antivirus was once known as Anti-Virus Guard, or AVG. Launched in 1992, Grisoft’s inaugural product, Anti-Virus Guard, is derived from the AVG trademark.

However, when AVG Technologies bought the antispyware company Ewido Networks in 2006, antispyware was incorporated to the AVG security suite. around 200 million users are currently active globally.

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comprises over 100 million users who access their services and products via mobile devices. However, Avast stated on July 7, 2016, that it had reached a deal to buy AVG for $1.3 billion. It aids in defending your Android phones against any virus threats. It offers free AVG antivirus software for Android, Windows, and macOS devices.

AVG AntiVirus - Mobile Security & Privacy

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Lookout Security

This US-based business contributes to the delivery of integrated endpoint-to-cloud security, allowing for safe productivity from any location. The privacy of the user is also protected. Additionally, it complies with global privacy and regulatory requirements.

Regarding identity protection and mobile security, it applies to millions of people as well as organizations. Both on the network and in the cloud are included. “Download the Top 10 Antivirus Apps for Android for Free in India 2022″Nearly 200 million devices and more than 140 million apps have been examined to guard against mobile threats. Over 3 million mobile attacks were blocked by Lookout between January 2020 and December 2020.

Security & Antivirus - Lookout - Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022

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Malwarebytes Security

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) was the previous name of Malwarebytes. It is an anti-malware program compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. It locates the malware and gets rid of it from your phone right away. January 2006 saw the launch of Malewarebytes.

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There are both commercial and free versions of it accessible. When launched manually, the free edition of the program scans and eliminates malware. In addition, a flash memory scanner, real-time protection, and scheduled scans are included in the commercial edition.

Thirty languages were offered for this application. This application’s main function is to scan for malware.

And eliminate any dangerous software, such as spyware, adware, and rogue security programs.

Malwarebytes Security - Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware

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Bitdefender (Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android)

It is a cybersecurity technology business based in Romania. Bitdefender’s main office is located in Bucharest, Romania.

Additionally, its offices serve markets in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Bitdefender was established in 2001 by the current chief executive officer and major stakeholder. This application creates and provides services and goods related to cybersecurity.

comprises antivirus software, IoT security, cloud and managed security, and endpoint protection. Bitdefender’s effects are spread to more than 150 nations. By comparison, this organization employs nearly 1600 people worldwide.

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Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus - Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022

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McAfee Mobile Security

Additionally, it is regarded as some of the top antivirus programs. Your cellphones are protected by it against the newest viruses, ransomware, spyware, and malware. You can test it out for free for thirty days.

You can purchase this after 30 days if you’re happy with it. Nonetheless, it will identify any viruses on your phone and safeguard it from them. The primary benefit of utilizing McAfee Mobile Security is. “Free Download: Top 10 Antivirus Apps for Android in India (2022)”

You can keep safe with its virus, online, and device security features. It also helps to protect your phone and does a threat scan on it. It therefore advises that you download this software on your phone.

McAfee Security - VPN Antivirus Privacy Protection

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Avira (Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android)

German multinational provider of computer security software is called Avira. widely recognized for its antiviral software. Although it was under development since 1986, it finally came to fruition in 2006.

According to OPSWAT’s antiviral market share report, this program is ranked sixth. The headquarters are in Tettnang, Germany, next to Lake Constance. Additionally, it has offices around the US, China, Romania, and the Netherlands.

Heuristics in it can proactively find malware that isn’t known to be there. Thus, this tool is well-liked by users and is highly recommended for antivirus and malware removal.

Avira Antivirus 2021 - Virus Cleaner & VPN

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Google Play Protect

Google Play safeguards apps that Google releases. It guards against malware on your device, data, and apps. Thus, you are free from concern regarding your Android phones. Find My Device can help you if your device gets lost.

By logging into your Google Account or making a direct phone call from your browser, you can find your device. Every day, Google Play checks billions of apps to determine whether or not your device is safe. Here, you may utilize Google Play to shield your Android phones from dangerous viruses and malware.

google play protect for android on play store

Download Here

Kaspersky Total Security

This program provides nearly all software protection options. Customers receive additional offers, a full backup system, an antivirus lab, and much more. However, it is a premium app with far greater costs than others. This explains why it is at number ten. For consumers who are willing to pay for an antivirus program, it is beneficial.

Kaspersky Antivirus - AppLock - Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022

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Conclusion (Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android)

“Top 10 Best Antivirus App for Android Free Download in India 2022” is the topic of this post. Many folks these days are having issues with viruses and malware. For them, this essay offers a remedy.

If you’re interested in learning more about antivirus software, carefully read this. You can install it as you see fit after reading this article. We hope that this post will be of use to you as you look for the top Android apps.

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