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Patan Rani Ki Vav 360 Degree: Patan Rani Ki Vav 360 Degree Video: Rani Ki Vav (Queen’s Vav) is an amazing example of a Royal Stepwell near Patan, Gujarat, built between 1022-1063 AD.

Hello friend, how are you, today I have brought information about the tree for you. You must have heard the name of Ranki Vav.

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You must have heard the name of Ranki Vav. You have never seen this amazing video of Ranki Vav. Because there is a place in Gujarat where there is a technology of this ghazal. The video has been made and brought to you today.

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Here below its information you can see as you don’t rotate the mobile and as you rotate your finger you will get amazing view of Rankiwav.

 It is located on the banks of the Saraswati River and was built as a memorial to the 11th-century king Bhimdev I. Rani Ki Vav was built in the intricate Gujaratsmita architectural style with an inverted temple and seven tiers of stairs and contains over 500 sculptures.

Patan Rani Ki Vav 360 degree view

Patan Rani Ki Vav 360 Degrees: The only real sign of Patan’s former glory are these astonishingly beautiful steps. Located on the banks of the Saraswati River, this is one of the oldest and best ways in Gujarat and is remarkably well preserved. Steps lead down through several tiers with carved columns and lines of over 800 sculptures, mostly on the Vishnu-avatar theme, as well as striking geometric patterns.

The stepwell is built in the form of an inverted temple. It displays the finest craftsmanship of the era, and the unique Gujarat Asmita architectural style and house sculptures such as the Vimalavasahi Temple at Mount Abu and the Surya Temple at Modhera.

This step was built in 1063 by Queen Udayamati of the Chaulukya dynasty in memory of her husband Bhimadeva I. A 1304 composition of the Jain monk Merutunga mentions that Narvaraha Khangara’s daughter Udayamati built this step at Patan. The same composition also mentions that the stepwell was started in 1063 and completed 20 years later.

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Archaeologists Henry Cousens and James Burgess visited it in 1890 when it was completely buried under sediment and only the shaft and a few pillars were visible. The steps were rediscovered in the 1940s and restored by the Archaeological Survey of India in the 1980s. The stepwell has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2014.

How to go?

By Road: Intercity buses take 3.5 hours from Ahmedabad to Patan and 1 hour from Mehsana. Shared jeeps are slightly faster but less comfortable.

By Train: Train can take you to Mehsana (1 hour). From there you have to catch a bus to Patan.

By Air: The nearest airport from Patan is Ahmedabad, which is located at a distance of 125 km. The airport here is in turn connected to international and Indian cities. Patan has a railway station for easy access.

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